Description of the Process 

• Delivery Preparation

• Preparation for Inventory

• Sales Activity for takeover in order to fix market steel prices

• Post-delivery stage

• Pre arrival preparation

• Supervision by Shipyard


Plan of Ship Breaking Operation


• Determination of location of HZM

• Determination of flammable and toxic material

• Pre cleaning

• House keeping

• Cutting


Potential locations of HZM


• Waste

• Store

• Waste contractor

• Radioactivity Survey and contractor (esp. for Drilling Rigs)


Start in adequate time of:

•removal of all inventory to a minimum

•removal of Fuel, Oil, Lubricating Oil, Store, Parts and other Items


All material necessary for the last commercial travel to keep everything in function must be removed off board.


At the last commercial Port removal of sludge and Bilge wash and empty the ballast tanks.

Marking and identifying all manhole covers.


After Arrangement and Complete Ship´s documentation and Inventory we know:


• Technical Description

• Engine, Hydraulic, Electric

• Drawing, capacity plan & book

• Filling level of the tank plants

• Switch off of the electricity

• Turning off of the Generator and control cubicles

• Control of all pressure tanks

• Opening of all doors and windows  

• Control and location of all pressure tanks