The ERS team has been offered ideal space from the Huelva Port Authority. There is a site available in the port on which we can start our operations. The cleaning of the vessels will be done at several locations at the berth of the port. The cutting of the hulls will be done on the premises of a local wharf area.


The location was chosen due to the area’s long history of ship building.


Skilled staff for every necessary task in ship works is available in the region around Huelva.


With the facility depending on the size of the vessels we can work on more than one ship at one time.


The site at Huelva is ideal for ERS. Vessels of several types and classes can be dismantled and recycled (tankers, container ships etc.) as well as Oilrigs/Platforms.




Berth area in the port of Huelva. Sufficient space for the cleaning of the ships and rigs. Sufficient water depth to allow also large projects.


At the wharf area the hull will be cut. After cleaning of the ship at the berth the hull can be towed to the wharf.


Equipment for the dismantling at the wharf. At the Berth mobile equipment will be used. This allows us enough flexibility to work on several projects at the same time.

On this picture we can see a piece of the rear of a ship that was pulled out of the water and cut at land.