Removal of Asbestos and Hazardous Material

Removal of Asbestos:


• Most of asbestos is in the Accommodation:


• panels, cables, doors, fittings, other parts

• insulation throughout in the ship

• cold, warmth and sound insulation

• stone- and or fiber-wool

• all sectors with warning marks

• packaging in plastic case

• Hand removal, with spray water

• workers protected conform work guidelines

• flooring

• final cleaning

• cold works cutting


Removal of Hazardous Material


(e.g. Halogenated Monomehtyldiphenyl Methane, PCB = Polychlorided Biphenyle, PCT = Polychlorided Terphenyle, PCB = Pentachlorphenole, TBT = Tributyltin)


Locations on board:

• flammable or combustible resides and PCB: fuel, hydraulic fluid, lube oil

• cargo residues: pesticides, corrosives, chemicals, fumigants

• paints contain: lead, cadmium, tank coating Cosmo line

• asbestos: insulation, bulk heads, wiring tile boilers, exhaust

• electrical equipment and wires: transformer generator: PCB, asbestos

• biological hazards: boiler, heating systems  

• cooling, freeze, air condition systems: CFC, biol. Waste

• ballast: water, lead

• bilge: restful, mud

• fire protection systems: Halon, N², radioactive detector, CO², foam


• guaranteed Disposal of all HZM

• before process: inventory of all HZM on board and samples for analysis

• fixing pollution to EU-regulation

• hazardous material will be transformed into gas, liquid/mud-solid form


HZM will be disposed externally by certified sub-contractors against receipt and confirmation of certified removal according to EU stipulations.