Modern Ship Recycling Facilities


What is most important for you as owner of obsolete ships or oilrigs?


You must avoid costs for non economical operation, unemployment due to over capacity and expensive maintenance!


Your solution: dismantling. What is the best way to do this?

Keep in mind that your clients, shareholders, stakeholders, the society and many others observe your behaviour towards sustainable action.


Take your decision: have your assets dismantled by green recycling with certificate.    


Since several years the international organizations have been working on changes on the current method of the scrapping of obsolete ships in Asia. The prevailing method is extremely harming the workers involved as well as the environment. The preparation of new rules took some time. But now, as far as the EU is concerned, it was reached that the new legislation is written down and it is expected that it will be passing the EU parliament in autumn 2013.


The new rules are far more restrictive than those targeted by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). For example, the fate of any material from a ship to be recycled has to be monitored and proven within the certified process. ERS is prepared to work according to the new rules as from the beginning.  


As consequence of the new rules fleet owners of signatory states that dismantle vessels without Recycling Certification will be reprimanded by the IMO with:


- Fines

- Special Port taxes

- Withdrawal of the IMO-registration


According to the IMO, to date there are only 6 facilities in Europe and the United States meeting full the new criteria creating a huge demand for further facilities to enter the market. Our facility is ‘green’ as from the beginning.


ERS is your solution. 



Laws and Regulations

    Upon request we gladly provide you with the respective Conventions and laws in preparation by IMO and EU.


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