Preparation of the Process 

• Safety Check and Emergency Preparation


• Gas testing marking

• Ventilation: windows and doors open

• opening in wall and decks as required

• installation of equipment for air changing

• all works in conformity to healthy and legal guidelines


Set up of Assembly Points


• opening in decks for removal of material off board

• safe surrounding at the opening and edge

• walk ways, supply pipes for: energy, compressed air, gas &  

oxygen, external current, air supply

• emergency wash points and warning signs

• fire protection systems, tubes and pumps at Dry dock

• fire extinguishers, first aid equipment


Pre cleaning and House Keeping


• removal of all loose items from the complete ship

• removal of boxes cupboards and other fixed items

• removal of lifeboats

• removal of wood, is special waste due to chem. Treatment

• removal of plastic (recyclable)

• removal of rubber, burnable material etc.

• accommodation

• work rooms

• freight rooms

• engine and auxiliary plants

• electric and auxiliary plants

• hydraulic plants

• oil plants

• water Ballast tanks and double Bottoms

• evacuation of pressure tanks O², Air, N² and collected bottles

• evacuation of fire protection/detector systems (radio active)

• evacuation of Air condition & Cooling-systems