The typical way of ship dismantling:  


Sale of the ship on the basis of a low scrap metal price,


expensive transport to Asia

scrapping on the soft beach, toxic material flows into beach and sea, workers inhale asbestos and toxic vapor, are unprotected and have low lifetime expectations.

Unprotected disposal of toxic material, mostly ‘green’ recycling which it is in fact not


Our way is different:


Normally, you pay for your garbage bin or when you have to dispose waste material – to a municipal or private entity. The same happens with ship recycling. This is a very special and know how intensive project when it comes to a green process.


It starts with an inventory of all material that the vessel contains, by quality and quantity.


This is the basis of our calculation which we will offer you for the cleaning. A tank ship will have a completely different inventory than a ferry or a container ship.


Based on the inventory list we give the ship owner a customized offer for the dismantling costs.  


Fleet owners benefit from a share of the sales price at which we sell the high valuable hull of the vessel, hedged with the buyer of the material at the prevailing market price, fixed as from the moment we start cutting the hull.  


And fleet owners benefit from our special service of removing functional modern equipment from old ships for re-use as spare parts – if desired.


Our service is fair and transparent. It protects our workers and the environment. All material that can be recycled is processed so that the remainders can be reused. Toxic material is incinerated at 3.000 °C, disposal in protected areas.


No hazmat material emerges into the environment (water, air, ground), the whole process is performed and supervised by certified specialists.


If desired communication during the complete process with the client.






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